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Relaxing Deep Tissue Massage

If you want a lighter massage, just ask,  Johanna can do that too.  She doesn't use aromatherapy oils.

At the first session you will be asked about your medical history and lifestyle. Because of this the treatment will be a bit shorter than in the following sessions.

You will be asked to undress to your underwear and lay on the massage table. Only the part that is worked on is exposed, the rest of you will be covered with towels.

If you have any areas on your body you don’t want to be touched, tell Johanna and she will accommodate this in your massage. For example some people don’t want their feet being touched.

The whole body treatment lasts 1 ½ hours and the massage takes approximately one hour and twenty minutes of that time. You can also choose a  50 minute session, massage concentrating one one part of your body, for example the upper body and neck.

 Before the session

Please do not wear make-up or perfume. Do not eat a heavy meal before the session, but see that you are not hungry.

When you have made an appointment, please text or email Johanna and  she will return a form for you to complete. By doing this beforehand you give Johanna more time to treat you. Do not sign and date the form before the session as she might want to add notes to it before signing.

1½ hr session £55      50min session  £40

Contact us NOW to book your first session. The quickest way to book your appointment is to call  0191 4471010

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