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Lisa Blaney

Hi. I’m Lisa a qualified Systemic Family Psychotherapist (MSc)

As a family therapist I support people who care for each other and find ways to cope with any misunderstandings and distress affecting their relationships, and putting a strain on the family unit.

My style is warm, relational, and very respectful and I provide a safe, confidential space for families to come together.

Family therapy is sensitive to family cultures and beliefs, and respectful of the needs of each individual within the family. It helps families identify their strengths and weaknesses and develop healthier communication skills.

The most common problems I treat are stressful and traumatic life events such as, work and school-related problems, divorce and separation, parent-child conflict and illness or death of a loved one. Many other difficulties can be helped by family therapy, these include, ADHD, addictions, depression, drug and alcohol misuse, eating disorders, fostering, adoption and kinship care needs, and any other conditions that may be having a damaging effect on the family life. This makes family therapy useful for times of crisis and long-standing problems that stressful on the family unit.  

Essentially, by evaluating these issues and providing support, family therapy can help families and individuals to better understand how their family functions, set goals and develop strategies to resolve problems, ensuring the entire family unit is stronger.

Who can benefit from family therapy.

Family therapy is sensitive to diverse family forms, beliefs and cultures. It considers the needs and problems of each individual within the family and takes into account all other key relationships in people’s lives. This makes it a useful approach for people of all ages and backgrounds.

What is a family therapy session like?

Family therapy will typically take place in the form of sessions in which individuals and their loved ones will be brought together with a family therapist to discuss the issues that are affecting their relationships. These sessions will be adapted according to the goals and the ages, needs and preferences of the individuals involved.

Sessions last for approximately 60 minutes, dates and times depend on family needs and you may want to come for a short time, for a specific reason, or we can agree to open-ended therapy and review things as we go. Every family is unique and progresses at their own pace.

Fee is £48 for 60-minute Session. However, depending on family size and frequency of when family members can attend, I will see a family for a longer session time, which can be discussed at the initial meeting.  

My Experience:

My qualifications include;

Lisa Blaney

Family and Systemic Psychotherapist (Msc)


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