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Gen Lowes

Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist

M Prof Ch Psych Psych, MA, PGCE, BA (Hons)

ACP Registered

About me

I am a child and adolescent psychotherapist registered with the Association of Child Psychotherapists. I work in independent practice and NHS CAMHS, offering psychotherapy and counselling services to children and young people, and their families. I offer clinical consultation to professionals who work with children when there are concerns around mental health.

I have worked professionally with children and families for twenty years. Since 2007, training through NSCAP (Northern School of Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy in Leeds) I’ve practiced in NHS CAMHS as a child and adolescent psychotherapist and prior to this, as a secondary school teacher of English and Drama.

What can I help with?

Child and Adolescent Psychotherapists are skilled in the assessment and treatment of children and young people, and can help with difficulties such as: anxiety, depression, behaviour problems, developmental issues, eating disorders, learning difficulties and disabilities, complex personality traits, bereavement, trauma and the consequences of abuse and maltreatment. Teenagers and young people increasingly struggle with social anxieties, feelings of panic and mood swings which cause immense distress.

Parents of young children can worry when their child becomes withdrawn, or exhibits behaviour which is challenging. Your child may have difficulties with sleeping, eating, crying and sometimes toileting. They may be struggling with learning, with friendships, with bullying, excessive worrying or obsessive behaviours. Children can have fears, nightmares, psychosomatic symptoms and may not be able to explain, or even know, what is really troubling them.  I welcome enquiries about helping children and young people who struggle additionally because of challenges with Autism, Learning Difficulties and children and teenagers who do not live with their birth families.

How do I work?

Every child and family is unique and relationships are ever changing. Depending upon the age and developmental needs of a child, teenager or young person, my approach will be flexible. I will offer a safe space where there is freedom to work together with a range of emotional and psychological communications including verbal, non-verbal and symbolic meanings of behaviour, play, creative work or other ways of communication. I have a strong commitment to the importance of creativity and play in development and in the recovery of health and well-being. I have a personal and professional interest in mindfulness and meditation, and in the importance of the mind & body relationship.

How can you contact me?



Mobile:   07885 475619