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Clinical/Orthopaedic Massage

Clinical/Orthopaedic massage

 In addition to many named conditions like sciatic pain or tennis elbow, clinical massage will help you to gain a better functioning body and preventing injuries. It is remedial in its nature and an antidote for musculo-skeletal pain.  On the whole the aim is to allow you to be without pain or movement inhibiting muscle/fascia tightness.

It is important for all of us that the body performs to its potential. The balance of muscle groups working with each other is essential for getting good results and stay injury free. For a sports person the aim might be getting faster or stronger, for a parent it might be to be able to pick-up their child without wincing, for person with “golfer's elbow” it might be gaining a strong, pain free grip again.

The Session

In the first session Johanna will ask you about your medical history and lifestyle. The session then has three parts:

1. Assessment

 Johanna will assess your range of movement, testing whether you have muscle/tendon strains or ligament sprains, hyper mobile joints or capsular adhesions or other dysfunctions. Capsular adhesions stop you taking your limb past a certain point, even if you do lots of stretching. Forcefully stretching limbs that have capsular adhesions may make the condition worse. “Frozen shoulder” is an advanced state of capsular adhesion.  Many of us have an early onset capsular adhesion in some of our joints without us necessarily even noticing it. It becomes a problem when we start an activity where it becomes clear that a limb isn't moving as freely as it used to and may lead to pain.

 2. Treatment

 From the assessment Johanna plans the treatment. This will always be different from person to person and even from session to session.

 The treatment is painless, although you might feel some mild discomfort. The treatment includes passive and active myofascial release, massage, stretching as well as a variety of other soft tissue release techniques.

 3. Remedial Exercises

 The remedial exercises are as an important part of the therapy as the hands-on work.  At the end of each session you will get 2-4 exercises to do at home. The work done in the session will be lost in 24-72 hours unless you do the exercises.

 You will be given print-outs of the exercises you have been taught  in the session.

 Before the session

 Please do not wear make-up or perfume. Men and women should wear sports shorts and women a sports bra, if you own one. Do not eat a heavy meal before the session, but see that you are not hungry.

 When you have made an appointment, please text or email Johanna and  she will email a form for you to complete. By doing this beforehand you give Johanna more time to treat you. Do not sign and date the form before the session as she might want to add notes to it before signing.

Your first session will be 1 ½ hrs, after that you can choose the session length according to your needs.

1 ½hr  £55       50min Session £40       ½ hr Check-up session £25

Contact us NOW to book your first session. The quickest way to book your appointment is to call  0191 4471010

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