Research into the effectiveness of all forms of psychotherapeutic intervention consistently finds that the relationship with your therapist is more important than the method they use. It is about whether you can develop a trust in your therapist and whether your therapist can develop an understanding of you such that together you can explore what is troubling you. However good a therapist is, it is the relationship between the two of you that determines whether you trust them enough, and they come to understand you enough, to help you explore and find solutions for your problem.

Your initial appointment is an opportunity to discuss what you are looking for from therapy and an opportunity to ask your therapist about their training, experience and approaches to therapy. Please don’t be afraid to ask questions and it may also be helpful for you to consider the following:

• Do I feel safe with this person?

• Do I like how they interact with me?

Is this someone I could be completely open with?

• Could I feel comfortable telling them private and intimate details about myself and my life?

Having confidence in your therapist is essential and you may not find the right therapist at your first attempt.  If this happens to you, don’t worry; try someone else.

Qualifications and professional registration are also important. The therapists in our team are all registered with an appropriate professional body.